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I’m honored that ArtMarket Magazine published this article about my work, including a large selection of my paintings, in their July 2020 issue. This is a magazine based in Israel and covers artists from around the world. These featured articles are the prizes for competitions that are held before each issue’s publication. I was lucky to have been chosen this way, and am delighted with the presentation. 

The magazine has introduced me to a number of wonderful artists and has shown a couple of others whose work I know and love. One can see examples of their articles, as well as view or buy past issues or subscriptions at artmarketmag.com/ 

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Open Source at LACDA


July 11-August 3, 2019

New digital drawing in the exhibit, Open Source, at LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art).

The exhibit will run from July 11-August 3, 2019.

Address: 104 East 4th St., L.A., CA, 90013.

Please check lacda.com for details of hours and directions.

LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art): Electric Salon



Visual Magic: the zone of middle dimensions




GDGI - event card 5.5 x 8.5 11-14-16Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts



Kathryn Jacobi, Still lives, oil on panel, oil on canvas, Representational painting, oil paintings, realist paintings


Gallery 25




Alan Avery Art Company

Boy with Horn; Oil on Paper; 60″x40″; 2014



American Printmakers in Bulgaria


WIPI and SilverShotz Magazine







I’m delighted to announce the beginning of a new exhibit of my scratchboard drawings at the Demossa Gallery from now through October 20th. While most of the work of mine that you have seen exhibited is figurative, I’ve been working on these abstracted organic themes for many years. This is the first time that they have actually been shown, and it is only in the last 8 months that I’ve been working in the wonderful medium of scratchboard. The press release is below, and as well I’m attaching the link to the beautiful essay written by Mahvash Mossaed, the gallerist, poet and artist, who runs the Demossa Gallery. http://mahvashmossaed.com/lifestyle/2013/07/20/exhibition-demossa-gallery-presents-kathryn-jacobis-organic-fractiles-july-21-october-20/

Demossa Gallery . 949.500.2107. art@demossagallery.com . demossagallery.com


“I saw a friend’s first drawings on scratchboard. I was immediately intrigued. Drawing with an etching needle or special sharp, spade-shaped nib to scratch white lines through a prepared ink surface over a clay ground, I found a medium that was highly satisfying. It gave me the advantage of a full range of tonality between dark and light values, while still using a tool that felt comfortable and totally natural.

In these drawings, I can move the tool over the surface just a small distance, with the movement of my hand anchored in one place by my wrist. I move the stylus in short, parallel lines, which usually forms a curved plane. At the end of each series of strokes, I move my hand and continue, building up the volumes and directions slowly, deliberately, and yet without a preconceived plan of how the drawing will emerge. I find this practice exciting in its abstraction, whereas my other modalities of work are almost always figurative and determined. These abstractions have a definite pattern of emergence. The forms are almost always organic, and mimic the process of creating fractals on a computer. Each form becomes a variable that is added to and developed to become part of a much more complex whole.”

Kathryn Jacobi is a classically trained contemporary realist painter, printmaker, and photographer who has been exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Kathryn was born in Manhattan, New York. She attended UCLA, UC Berkeley, and California State University Northridge, where she received her BA and her MA. Kathryn presently lives in Santa Monica and has a studio in Los Angeles.

Exhibition Details

See the online exhibition at Demossa Gallery
July 21 – October 20, 2013

For more information, please contact ART@DEMOSSAGALLERY.COM

A Woman Defined: A Lifestyle Blog | MahvashMossaed.com | DemossaGallery.com | Mahvash Mossaed on Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Flickr


Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta, GA

Please click on image above to see the announcement for this show

Opening November 2, 2012:

Three Person Show: Wet Ink, New Artists 2012

Please go to http://www.alanaveryartcompany.com/ to see more information on this exhibit


Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA 3 person show, opening Nov. 1, 2012

Opening November 1: Three Person Show:

Ladies (and no Gentlemen) Celebrating contemporary women artists of the 21rst Century

313 Occidental Ave. South/Seattle/WA 98104

Please go to www.davidsongalleries.com/ for more information

Please Click here to see full page announcement with all relevant information and details


Cornelson Publishing House, Berlin, Germany Peggyfinished100ppi

Solo Exhibition of the 35 photomontages in the series, The Child is the father of the Man. Please click link above to see many of the pieces in this exhibit. It will run for an undetermined length of time, beginning about December 15.


Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA

Solo exhibit of paintings.
December 8, 2012-January 17, 2013
Please click on image to get to the gallery website.


Please click on the link below to see the new paintings in my upcoming exhibit at the Rogue Gallery, in Medford, Oregon, opening August 24, 2012.

Waking Dreams: Mortal Furniture/MortalFurnituretemplate01