Figurative Paintings and Drawings: An Overview

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Since the mid 1980s, I have consistently painted representational images, using references either from the person or object itself or from photographs I have taken. My narratives and portraits fall into several loosely structured groups that overlap: 

  1. Musicians, Singers, Dancers (Requiem Chorus, Diva in Extremis, Operatic Duets, Habaniera)
  2. Images from old family albums (Between the Wars)
  3. Portraits (from life or photographs)
  4. Babies and Children (from photographs)
  5. Still Lifes (Nature More, Objects painted from the thing itself)
  6. Combinations and experiments of all these elements.

In this overview, I attempted to choose images that best represent series of paintings.  There are hundreds of paintings, drawings, studies, monotypes, and prints. As well, there are large numbers of digitally constructed photographs.