Studies for Sleepwalking

When I began these studies, at the beginning of the millennium, I had no idea where they were headed, or, in fact, that they were studies for a larger painting, not just works in and of themselves. 9-11 brought them into focus, and I began working, one to the other, still rudderless. Toward 2007, it became clear that they were forming into a set of images that needed to coalesce into something larger, a single statement. Bit by bit, experimentally, I worked with these images and also from photos I had taken as mnemonic devices. The final study in this group was a loose maquette of a possible design for a large painting. Certain elements remained to the end, but mostly it utterly changed. The process of painting the final Sleepwalking triptych is described fully in the booklet at the link on this page. You are most welcome to view it and to download a small poster of the finished triptych from this page or on the homepage of this website.

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